Fund It Locally Inc is a registered not-for-profit association.  The business of the organisation is conducted under the guidance of its board of management.

Fund It Locally was established to assist organisations in the not-for-profit sector to capture fundraising revenue using social project strategies that also successfully provide value added opportunities for training and work pathways to people who are disadvantaged.  Most particularly disadvantaged in life and the labour market as a result of disability, homelessness, mental health issues, long-term unemployment or other life circumstance.

Fund It Locally seeks social enterprise opportunities that not only open a window to raise revenue but engage not-for-profit community organisations in local projects that provide addition sustainable community and environmental benefits.  Fund It Locally explores partnership opportunities with business and not for profit community organisations, and harnesses philanthropic or other funding.

Fund It Locally, operates on the premise that the not-for-profit community sector can be strengthened by business to community partnerships. Seeking sustainable resources for commnunity living and learning, engaging in ‘local first’ activities, strengthening local business to provide local employment pathways are all key elements.

Fund It Locally explores community development opportunities at the grass-roots level. It seeks to provide gain and socio-economic access for marginalised peoples. 

Fund It Locally Inc



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