FundRise is a social enterprise of the WERX Foundation Inc, registered not-for-profit organisation with DGR status.   The business of the organisation is conducted under the guidance of its board of management.

The WERX Foundation Inc manages a number of operational programs and social enterprise interests, each aligned with the organisations purposes to enhance social and economic outcomes for people with disabilities or those disadvantaged by other life circumstance.  The organisation can be reached at www.werx.com.au for further information.

FundRise as a social enterprise assists organisations in the not-for-profit sector to provide community leadership, build local resources, and capture fundraising revenue.  The enterprise is underpinned by social strategies that successfully provide value added opportunities for training and work pathways.  In particular for people who are disadvantaged  in life and the labour market as a result of disability, homelessness, mental health issues, long-term unemployment or other life circumstance.

The Enterprise believes that the not-for-profit community sector can be strengthened by business to community partnerships. Seeking sustainable resources for community living and learning, engaging in ‘local first’ activities, strengthening local business to provide local employment pathways are all key elements.







Tel: 0403 778 218


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