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Showcasing The Many Faces Of Your Community


A collective is a group of separate entities that share or are motivated to co-habit a location because they share a common goal.

"A place they want to be"


A collective is a group:  families, teams, residents, or neighbours; so called because each may be considered as a whole.

"The people they want to be with"


A collective is where entities, separate in themselves;  ie residents, business, services, assemble to contribute together as a whole.

"Our Community"

Who's Leading Your Community ?

If your organisation is a community leader, already providing a range of community services, ‘Fund It Locally’ is inviting you to take up the challenge.

We are looking for community leaders across all Australian towns and suburbs to tell their community story, to encourage local services and businesses to add their voice, and provide an engaging digital collective presence.

What's The Connection With 'Fund It Locally' ?

‘Fund It Locally’ is a not-for-profit association which engages in projects that offer Australian communities a unique opportunity to build a ‘digital collective’ with real community benefits and increased fund-raising capabilities for community services.  


Fund It Locally is a community initiative established  to identify and support eligible Community Partners willing to take up the challenge as ‘Digital Collective Collaborators’ in their townships or suburbs.  

The benefits of involvement are limitless; for Collaborators, Communities, and the Enterprise.




Fund IT Locally, as a social enterprise seeks to build financial sustainability for community organisations across Australian cities and townships. Within this framework, Fund it Locally will also focus on providing new opportunities for people marginalised from work and life success as a result of disability or other life circumstance. Fund It Locally partners with other charitable NFP's and businesses to achieve its social enterprise goals.


As a Community Partner you will have an opportunity to showcase your collective community spirit -  its people, services, resources, and events. Our enterprise consortia members will help you to develop your eervice, and the collective strength of your community. As a Community Partner will have access to our suite of engagement tools, fundraising mentors, as well as help-desk and or volunteer partner support teams.

Is there a Commitment ?

“Participating in projects that offer widened community exposure and greater fund-raising opportunities sounds great, but is involvement free ?”  

There is a small one-off setup fee for inclusion in this initiative, which contributes to the development of wider social enterprise projects and the development of your digital township presence. 

Our consortia members in conjunction with fund raising mentors, may assist in seeking grants or financial startup support to assist where there is financial hardship.  

Once your Community Partner presence is established you will also be able to drive fund-raising activities using our suite of tools and leverage the interest of other local agencies, businesses and community groups also seeking community-wide exposure.

As your Community Partner digital networks harness greater interest and return tangible fund-raising benefits,  a very small weekly administrative fee is charged to cover help desk support, web resources and contribute to our wider social enterprise goals. 



Let us know a little background, and the details on how to get back to you.

Background Details?

Send us a brief about your community organisation, your location, webpage, and why you're interested.

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