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Showcasing The Many Faces Of Your Community


A collective is a group of separate entities that share or are motivated to co-habit a location because they share a common goal.

"A place they want to be"


A collective is a group:  families, teams, residents, or neighbours; so called because each may be considered as a whole.

"The people they want to be with"


A collective is where entities, separate in themselves;  ie residents, business, services, assemble to contribute together as a whole.

"Our Community"

Who's Leading Your Community ?

If you are a not-for-profit organisation already providing a range of community services, ‘Fund It Locally’ is inviting you to take up the challenge of becoming a community leader in your town.

We are looking for community leaders across all Australian towns and suburbs to tell their community story, to encourage local services and businesses to add their voice, and provide an engaging digital collective presence.

Who Is 'Fund It Locally' ?

‘Fund It Locally’ is a not-for-profit association which engages in social enterprise projects that offer Australian communities a unique opportunity to build sustainable fundraising capabilities for their community services.  

Fund It Locally is a community-focused initiative established to identify and support eligible Community Partners willing to take up the challenge as Collective Collaborators and Community Leaders in their townships or suburbs.  

The benefits of involvement are limitless; for Collaborators, Communities, and Enterprise Project participants.



Fund It Locally is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks opportunities for developing social enterprise projects that will build financial sustainability for other NFP community organisations across Australian cities and townships. Using a social enterprise model, Fund it Locally is also able to provide new opportunities for people marginalised from work and life success as a result of disability or other life circumstance. Fund It Locally embraces business to community partnerships and collaborates with other charities and NFP's to achieve its organisational goals.


Fund It Locally collaborates with existing NFP's as Community Partners who play a significant role in their town. Partners are learning centres, neighbourhood houses, scouts, guides or youth groups, schools or service groups like Rotary. Partners may be established associations managing environmental health and sustainability or the local surf and beach zone. Our enterprise projects bring community and business together for the purpose of helping communities thrive. We encourage towns and communities to 'think local, look local and choose local, FIRST'

Is there a Commitment ?

“Participating in projects that offer widened community exposure, more sustainable fund-raising opportunities and stronger community outcomes, sounds great, but who bears the cost?”  

Each project will require a commitment, whether its your time, member’s time, financial or in-kind contribution, there are different demands depending on the project.  Each project will vary and may have access to other funding that may be distributed to participating community partners to achieve project and local community goals.  

To find to more about becoming a community partner and the resources available, contact us below.



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