'Fund It Locally' - NFP Social Projects

Fund It Locally develops social project opportunities that offer townships and cities an opportunity to increase their fundraising capabilities and support the growth of their local communities.


Social Projects Model


Fund It Locally works with other NFP organisations on project initiatives to improve community services and environmental wellbeing.  These projects are also particularly focussed on providing a skills training and volunteer or work opportunities which may broaden socia-economic pathways for people in the community who are disadvantaged. This Includes people marginalised in mainstream employment, and who experience disadavanfaged due to heath or physical capacity.

Fund It Locally offers a unique opportunity for other NFP’s  who are committed to community growth initiatives, to bridge business and community relationships to achieve inclusive community  wellbeing.



Social  Project 2020  – 2021


In 2020 Fund It Locally has launched a new social project to provide NFP organisations an opportunity to build B2C relationships for the purpose of:

    • building sustainable fundraising
    • developing local-first initiatives
    • funding community resources
    • opening new work and learning pathways

This project uses an innovative and expansive digital platform to encourage business to community investment, and enable the projects ‘Community Partners’ to strengthen local community engagement in building more cohesive solutions for socio and environmental wellbeing.

Building Better Communities

Adopting ‘a local first’ framework. the FUNDRISE project gives every township an opportunity to work together across business and community to embrace the needs of its residents, its community services, small business traders, and social wellbeing.


NFP organisations take a lead role as ‘Community Partners’ in their local area.

Under the guidance of our project co-ordinators and mentors, Community Partners will

          • build business to community relationships and networks,

          • strengthen understanding of the community’s many ‘voices’,

          • provide a meaningful community presence through digital hubs.


Community Partners will promote local resources (services, events, local business), and support networks through culturally relevant community noticeboards. In this way, digital community hubs will become the focus point for local community enquiry including commercial, community and local government resources and services, learning and wellbeing, local events and tourism interests.

Digital community hubs will provide the platform for Community Partners and others in the community sector to raise revenue through community marketing initiatives. Local businesses and community services will have an opportunity to develop affordable strategies to promote, sell, list and market goods, services or fundraising events as a fee-for-service.  Community Partners will set all fees and retain all earnings.

Community Partners are encouraged to include volunteers within their project implementation model. Particularly volunteers who would benefit from skills development, workplace experience and/or a new pathway to employment. Community Partners may incorporate elements of project actions and community hub development within their own training programs. Ie Digital Marketing, Web development, Community research.

Hear more about the FundRise Project.

What Is Fundrise?

Digital Communities

Project Implementation

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