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Who's Leading Your Community ?

If you are a not-for-profit organisation already providing a range of community services, ‘FundRise invites you to take up the challenge of becoming a community leader.

We are looking for community leaders across all Australian towns and suburbs to tell their community story, to encourage local services and businesses to add their voice, and provide an engaging digital collective presence.

Join with us as a Community Partner in the development of digital community hubs to reach out to our communities, our businesses and our neighbours, and to affect meaningful communication, promote local resources and provide opportunity for economic recovery.


Our Partners have access to training and mentoring in the development of meaningful digital community hubs that:

Focus the community audience on the scope of local organisations, services and agencies, available to meet all community stakeholder needs

Build stronger community to business relationships to facilitate partnerships that lead to wider circulation of resources and capital within the community for the community

Open new training and work pathways for people seeking volunteer opportunities in community projects that provide new work skills, or workplace experience, or an opportunity to donate their time and expertise as a personal giving commitment

 Ignite and sustain local business through community marketing strategies that are of the lowest-cost with broadest exposure.

Give momentum to community events and fundraising needs for other community organisations such as schools, emergency services, care and health services

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What's the commitment ?

“Participating in projects that offer widened community exposure, more sustainable fund-raising opportunities and stronger community outcomes, sounds great, but is there a cost to be involved ?”  

Community Partners will need to make a time commitment, and delegate a leader from within the organisation to steer the projects implementation.  

To find to more about becoming a community partner and the resources available, contact us below.



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More Details?

You can use the comment space below to ask a few questions or send us a brief about your community services

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